Facials & Skin Care

May Altham
May Altham

May is a licensed esthetician and hair stylist with a fun and friendly attitude! Her passion for skin care and beauty comes from her desire to help others look and feel their best from the inside out, with a healthy hair and facial complexion.

Cell: 704.883.4060

Try May’s Signature 75 min. Facelift Facial with Massage

Only $49.95 (Reg $75) – Feb. 1st to March 31st

 Treatment Includes:

  • Deep-cleaning with facial brush.

  • Raw honey non-chemical deep-peeling.

  • Facial and Neck lifting massage, shoulder, scalp massage, and hand maintenance.

  • Customized organic algae mask.

  • Nutrient rich moisturizer to restore and firm your skin’s natural balance.

***100% Pure Organic Products***

What to expect from your 75 minutes facial applicator?

Instant results – Face, Eyes, & Neck Lift

Skin looks and feels more supple and plump

Helps to lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Brightens your skin and helps to even out skin tone

Promotes relaxation and helps with distressed skin cells

Facial services Menu:

 * May’s Signature Facial   $75     75 min       

Fall in love with your skin again, as turning back the clock, with a lifting & anti-wrinkle facial.

All the steps of a basic facial, but with ingredients that are targeted to an aging or mature skin.

Package: Series of 4 treatments at $248

* Skin Re-balance Facial   $65     60 min

Make your skin naturally glow, soothe and even the skin tone! Ideal for a dry, oily and acne prone skin, enlarged pores, blemish-prone and hormone-imbalanced skin.

Package: Series of 4 treatments at $228

* Men’s Facial   $65     60 min

Facials specially formulated to male needs, often shaving-related, such as razor bumps or other conditions like sensitive skin and dullness.  Deep pore cleaning, moisturizing, exfoliation, toning, mask and vigorous facial, neck, shoulder, scalp and hand massages are included.

Package: Series of 4 treatments at $198

* Hydrating Facial   $65     60 min

Designed to hydrate and heal skin on a deep level.  Ideal for dry, very dry and sensitive skin.  This smooth and hydrating facial brings your natural beauty to full bloom.

Package: Series of 4 treatments at $228

* Anti-Aging Firming Facial   $75     75 min

Designed to slow the aging process.  Focus on ingredients like Vitamin C, E and custom mask.  A special facial technique massage, with a soft and comfortable touch.

Package: Series of 4 treatments at $248

*Back Treatment Facial   $75     75 min

This treatment helps you refresh and renew your skin.  Nourishes dry, dull skin and restores a youthful glow!

Package: Series of 4 treatments at $248

* Galvanic 24k Gold Facial   $85     90 min

A combination of powerful hydrating and anti-wrinkle treatment!

An exclusive treatment designed to intensely rejuvenate the skin.  Stimulates collagen to minimize deeper lines and wrinkles with 24k gold products.

Package: Series of 4 treatments at $295

*24k Eye Zone Treatment

Puffiness & dark Circle Treatment   $45     45 min      

*Facial Vacuum               $55

*Nose zone vacuum       $25

 All above services (on the Facial Service Menu) include deep-cleaning, toning, customized mask, massage and hand maintenance.

Waxing Services:

All facial $35

Eyebrows $8

Lips $6

Chin $7

For a complimentary consultation, please call May Altham at 704-883-4060!

 Salon Metaxa Mooresville: 704.662.6877